Monique Calhoun
Graduate Student

Monique Calhoun is a native of Tallahassee Florida and the second oldest of 6 children; 2 girls and 4 boys. Her mother is from Westmoreland, Jamaica and her father is from Pensacola, Florida. Previously, Monique attended Hampton University in Hampton Virginia where she obtained her B.S. in...

Stanford Carter
Undergraduate Student

Stanford Carter was born September 1991 in Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg. His academic career began at Town & Country Day School, a small private school within the city. Most adults in his life cite this school as the reason he developed such strong academic tendencies and...

Rasheen Connell, PhD
Associate Professor

Rasheen Muhammad Connell was born in Philadelphia, Pa on October 30, 1979, and is the son of Reginald and Earline Connell. Rasheen has obtained a B.S. degree in physics at Lincoln University (Pa) in 2001, a M.S. degree in physics at Howard University in 2005, and Ph.D. in physics at Howard...