One of the missions of BCCSO is to collect data and data products with for the use for the scientific community. At BCCSO data have been collected since 2003, some of them almost continuously. This leads to a large quantity of data, and data products. Our objective is to prepare a data set that is accessible with quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), not only to our internal use, but also to any researcher who wants to use any BCCSO data products. For example, essays writers and editors from need this in the age when new resources need to be checked every time for their credibility and quality. 

Measurement Category Related Instruments
V Meteorology
Ws Meteorology
Wd Meteorology
CO2 Meteorology
Qsoil Soil and Precipitation
U Meteorology
Tair Meteorology
Tair Meteorology
RH Meteorology
P Meteorology
H2O Meteorology
Ts Meteorology
Tsoil Soil and Precipitation
Gsoil Soil and Precipitation
Precip Soil and Precipitation
Rsd Soil and Precipitation
O3 Chemistry
NO Chemistry
NO2 Chemistry
NOx Chemistry
SO2 Chemistry
CO Chemistry
ASD-Fine Chemistry
ASD-Coarse Chemistry
CCN Chemistry
Sdw Radiation
Sdw II Radiation
Sdir Radiation
Sdiff Radiation
Ldw Radiation
PARdw1 Radiation
PARdw2 Radiation
Snet Radiation
Lnet Radiation
Qnet Radiation
Sup Radiation
Lup Radiation
PARup Radiation
Lwc Remote Sensing
Cb Remote Sensing
ASR Remote Sensing
Lwc Remote Sensing
Theta Remote Sensing
RH Remote Sensing
Lidar ASR Remote Sensing
Q Remote Sensing
P-RS Radio Sonde
Tair-RS Radio Sonde
RHair-RS Radio Sonde
ws-RS Radio Sonde
wd-RS Radio Sonde
Lat-RS Radio Sonde
Lon-RS Radio Sonde
z-RS Radio Sonde
q-RS Radio Sonde
Theta-RS Radio Sonde
O3-RS Radio Sonde
O3-RS Radio Sonde
W Meteorology
Alpha Meteorology
Beta Meteorology
Q Meteorology
Q Meteorology
Theta Meteorology
Theta Meteorology
Theta Meteorology
u* Meteorology
H Meteorology
LE Meteorology
LE Meteorology
wco2 Meteorology
wco2 Meteorology
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