Monique Calhoun

Monique Calhoun
Monique Calhoun
Graduate Student

Monique Calhoun is a native of Tallahassee Florida and the second oldest of 6 children; 2 girls and 4 boys. Her mother is from Westmoreland, Jamaica and her father is from Pensacola, Florida. Previously, Monique attended Hampton University in Hampton Virginia where she obtained her B.S. in physics. Currently, she is a 3rd year graduate student seeking a PhD in physics at Howard University.

In her studies, she is doing research in Light detection and Ranging (LIDAR). Monique Calhoun’s first encounter with research was at Hampton University where she conducted an experiment to find the dopant level in BaTiO3 crystal using a method called two-wave mixing. She also conducted an experiment to find new materials for mid-infrared solid-state lasers using a method called diffusion doping at Hampton University. In her junior year, she had the opportunity to do research at the University of Rochester, where her focus was to discover Laguerre Gaussian gratings that produce high intensity Laguerre Gaussian beams using black and white film and an LCD over head monitor projector.

In October 2010, Monique Calhoun represented BCCSO at the NASA URC Student Leadership Series in Cape Canaveral, Florida at the NASA Kennedy Space Center. Each campus University Research Center selected a scholar to participate in a personal video interview and Monique Calhoun represented Howard University.  Monique spoke about her “NASA Research Experience”, the “Impact of the NASA URC at the Howard University Beltsville Research Campus” and “Current Activities at Howard’s NASA URC.” As a NASA URC scholar, Monique had the opportunity to participate in field campaigns with NASA scientists from all over the country. Her first field campaign took place at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in California. As a student at Howard, Monique Calhoun is active on campus. She served as vice president of the Graduate Physics Society at Howard University from 2009-2011. In this organization, she conducted graduate physics colloquiums, developed a physics tutoring lab and organized a physics recruitment group.

In April 2011, Monique Calhoun participated in Howard University’s Graduate School Research Symposium and won 2nd Place in the Oral Presentation, a contest representing campus wide student research efforts. Upon completion of my PhD at Howard, Monique Calhoun would like to become a professor at a University. Her ultimate career goal is to work her way up the academic chain and become president of a University.