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Undergraduate Research Interns

BSCCO supports undergraduate students during each summer and academic year for research experience in NASA related science. This summer experience pairs undergraduate students with BCCSO scientists including NASA collaborators. Students receive stipend, travel, provision for room, board, and a meal plan. Students produce a report and presentation at the end of the summer about their experiences. Qualified students are allowed to continue their research throughout the academic year.

NASA’s summer interns are involved in hands-on research activity at the Beltsville Research Center and NASA GSFC. BCCSO hosts GoHFAS (Goddard Space Flight Center/Howard University Fellowship in Atmospheric Science) students at HUBC.

GoHFAS is a highly successful undergraduate enrichment program open to students at any university in the country. Students conduct research at GSFC with a NASA mentor during the summer and continue that work through the academic year. BCCSO partners with GoHFAS as a pipeline for graduate students and to optimize NASA’s investment in undergraduate training.