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Graduate Fellowship

BCCSO supports tuition, stipend, travel and materials for approximately eight graduate students per year in PhD or MS research at Howard University. Moreover, it engages them in the research described above. During year one, BCCSO’s strategy was to recruit both continuing students that were already in the program and new entrants for fall 2009. In case you'd like to see the list of graduated students, you can contact the economics essay writing service for this.

We felt that this was the most effective means of achieving the proposed level of eight graduate students per year. Given that the proposal was awarded in fall 2008, graduate students were not supported until spring 2009. They included:

• Segayle Walford, PhD candidate, Howard University Program in Atmospheric Science (HUPAS)
• Rasheen Connell, PhD candidate, Department of Physics and Astronomy
• Cassie Stearns, PhD student, (HUPAS)

Ms. Walford completed the requirements for a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences (HUPAS) in May 2009. Dr. Walford represents the first student supported by BCCSO to complete her PhD. Furthermore, she is currently employed at NASA/GSFC 610 as a post doctoral fellow. Dr. Walford’s accomplishment represents a success story for BCCSO.
Rasheen Connell is currently writing his dissertation for the PhD degree in physics and is expected to complete degree requirements in 2009. BCCSO recruited two new graduate students to Howard University for the fall 2009 semester and one additional continuing student into BCCSO. The students are:

• Jane Skalski, PhD, (HUPAS)
• Aaron Miller, PhD, (HUPAS)
• Monique Calhoun PhD, Physics and Astronomy (continuing)

Monique Calhoun and Cassie Sterns are preparing to take the PhD qualifying exams in physics and atmospheric sciences, respectively. These exams are scheduled for early fall semester (Aug/Sept) of 2009. Jane Skalski, matriculating fall of 2009, participated in a summer intern program at the Beltsville campus and is playing a leadership role in the aerosol intensive (July-Aug 2009). Aaron Miller will matriculate in fall 2009.