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Principal Investigators

Dr. Everette Joseph
Dr. Everette Joseph serves as Director and Principal Investigator of the URC. Dr. Joseph is an Associate Professor of Physics and serves on the graduate faculty of the HUPAS. He has numerous years of experience as a Principal Investigator on major NASA grants in the past 10 years. Administratively, he has served for six year as the Deputy Director of the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences. Dr. Joseph is lead scientist for research currently being conducted at the Beltsville laboratory. Additionally, Dr. Joseph is well respected in the atmospheric science community as is evidence by his professional service at the national and international levels. For example, he serves on national elected committees for URC and advisory committees for NOAA and NASA. Dr. Joseph has more than 15 publications in the last five years in this area of research. The Center Director will focus URC activities so that they respond to the training and development needs and capacities of participating graduate and undergraduate programs associated with the URC.
Dr. Demetrius Venable
Dr. Demetrius Venable serves as the Deputy Director of the URC. The Deputy Director will represent the Director on an as-needs basic. Dr. Venable is a Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Graduate Program in Atmospheric Sciences. He is an experienced administrator who served as the director for the previously funded URC and is a lead research scientist for the Beltsville Research Facility.
Drs. Belay Demoz, Vernon Morris, and William Stockwell serve as co-PIs in the Center. Their areas of contribution are in the fields of atmospheric aerosol studies and monitoring climate variability using water vapor and temperature measurements.
Dr. Marcus Alfred provides leadership on the K-12 component of the URC’s academic enrichment program for the youngest scientists.
Other co-investigators include: Dr. Jui-Yuan Chiu (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Dr. Jose Fuentes (Penn State University), Dr. Qilong Min (State University of New York, University at Albany), Dr. Anne Thompson (Penn State University) and Dr. David Whiteman (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center).